Sorry I haven’t been around much lately; it’s just been crazy lately. Good news: I have not given up on losing weight. I am now down about 25 pounds since mid-January. Bad news: the weight loss has slowed down, primarily due to my own inability to stay focused on tracking my food. That means I’ve been eating more than I should be eating, and not necessarily making the best choices.  

Here’s a quick summary of my weight loss chart: 

January– 9.6 lbs 

February– 2.0 lbs 

March– 7.0 lbs 

April– 6.0 lbs 

Total-24.4 lbs 

Overall, I’m not sad about that. In fact, I’m pretty happy with my weight loss so far. It averages out to 1.6 pounds per week, which is right in the middle of the one to two pounds per week average that WW says its members can lose.  

Last week, though, I sort of fell off the wagon. Easter sort of got me, but it was our tenth wedding anniversary that really did me in. And a baby shower over the weekend did not help at all. But I got back on track on Monday, even though our dinner was a bit high in points. Damn you, Chappell Hill Garlic Sausage! Even yesterday, when I went out with co-workers to celebrate a work victory, then was dealt a crushing blow in another work arena, I didn’t go over my points. Chris offered to take me to get Tex Mex last night AND I DECLINED. This is HUGE for me, because Tex Mex is my favorite comfort food when I have a bad day. Instead, we went to Firehouse Subs, where I got a smoked turkey chopped salad with light Italian dressing. No chips, no cookie. Later, when I wanted a snack, I had the points for a small serving of Quaker Popped Cheddar Rice Cakes and a couple of WW snack bars. And that was it. I was satisfied and went to bed happy I didn’t go over on points.  

What I need to do to get my weight loss really going again, is to get back to an eating plan with more vegetables. I haven’t been as good the last couple of weeks with the veggies as I was at first, and I’m noticing a difference in how full I feel and how long I stay satisfied. This weekend, I plan to do some meal prep and get everything to the point where, for breakfast and lunch, I need only to grab my items and toss them in my lunch bag, and for dinner, I can either eat & serve or throw a few prepped ingredients together and have dinner in minutes.  

The biggest challenge I face during the week isn’t breakfast or lunch, though. It’s dinner. Chris gets home an hour before I do, and he often starts dinner so it’s ready by the time I walk in the door. Or he doesn’t start it at all and we end up grabbing something out. The latter is an obvious challenge, but when he cooks before I get home, he doesn’t always think about vegetables or sides that are WW friendly. So I want to prep some things he can just pull out of the fridge and cook without having to put too much thought in to it. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a wonderful cook, but he just doesn’t think like I do. I want to make it easy enough for him that all he has to do is cook it – all the slicing and dicing is done, and I can just ask him to cook the broccoli, or green beans, or whatever vegetable I want that evening. Or he can surprise me by choosing something, but all he has to do is cook it. It isn’t that he can’t or won’t do the prep work. Like I said, he just doesn’t think about it. He will cook burgers, but no sides. I love burgers, but I don’t do buns anymore, so I need a vegetable to fill that gap. And I don’t want to replace it with chips or fries, which he WILL think about.  

Also, I really need to start adding in some weight lifting. I have noticed that I’m starting to get some pretty heinous bat wings, and Lord knows, I don’t want that. Also, the work outs will be a good way to burn more calories. I know it might be strange, but I’d rather lift weights than walk on the treadmill. I know both are good for me, and I should do both, but I really do despise walking. Oh well, time to suck it up and get my butt in gear.  

I’m hoping that with a few more pounds lost, I will be able to find that almost mythical energy everyone claims to find as they lose weight. So far, I haven’t found it, but here’s hoping it will happen soon. It would be so nice to want to get in the studio and work on a project during the week after work, but right now all I want to do when I get home from work is collapse on the couch. Ugh! 

Anyway, onwards and downwards😉  

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