One night last week, Chris and I went to MOD Pizza for dinner. I love going to MOD because I can get whatever I want on my pizza, eat half and stay within my points. My current favorite is an 11” MOD crust, light sauce, grilled chicken, as many zero point veggies as they can fit on it, and a few pepperonis for flavor. Add some oregano and fresh garlic and I’m a happy girl. I eat half the pizza, which is about 10 points, or around 430 calories. Both could be lower if I skipped the pepperoni but hey … I really love pepperoni.

I noticed as we were standing in line, they now offer a cauliflower crust. I debated getting it, but I couldn’t at the time find the nutrition information. But it’s cauliflower, so it should be healthier, right? Ultimately, I decided to go with my usual MOD crust, and then I sort of forgot about the cauliflower crust. At least, I forgot about it until yesterday, when my daughter texted me to tell me about her excitement at finding the cauliflower crust at MOD.

I decided to take another look for the nutrition info, and finally found it right on their website. And WOW … I am so glad I didn’t get that cauliflower crust!

Taken from the MOD Pizza website

This is why I don’t get anything I can’t verify first when I go out. That cauliflower crust has 100 more calories, but more importantly 8 grams more fat (all of which are saturated fat) than their regular crust. It even has 6 grams of sugar instead of the 0 grams for the MOD crust. I mean, this might be a great choice if you’re doing KETO, but for WW, this crust is 19 points as opposed to the regular 11 point crust.

Moral of this story is, be sure that when you’re making choices based on what you think is the healthier option, that it actually fits with your eating plan. I’m honestly not sure what eating plan would make the cauliflower crust at MOD Pizza the better choice …

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