Here we are, at approximately halfway through the year, and surprisingly, I’m still doing Weight Watchers. Not only am I still doing it, I’m SUCCEEDING at losing weight. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day, but I took a quick peak at the scale this morning, and if all holds through today, I will have lost a little more than 32 pounds since January 21st.

At the end of last year, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. Not only was I fat and weighing in at 277 pounds, I was puffy. I looked old. OK, I guess maybe I am old, but I felt matronly. I don’t know any woman, whether she’s 20, 50 or 70, who wants to look matronly. But even worse, I didn’t feel good. I was always tired, and my body ached constantly. I knew that if I could just lose a little weight, I’d start to feel better.

Now, having lost more than 10% of my body weight (TEN PERCENT Y’ALL!!), I do feel a little better. I don’t look so puffy anymore, and my body doesn’t hurt quite like it did. But I still have a ways to go. More than 80 pounds left that I want to lose, actually. It sounds daunting, and I guess it is when I think about it that way. But right now, I’m just focusing on the overall downward trend. I try not to think about how much is left, because that’s really demoralizing. I just keep telling myself that I need to keep going.

The best part is, I DO keep going. I get up every morning and I pack my breakfast and lunch for work. When I don’t bring lunch to work, it’s a conscious decision, either because there’s something the food service is offering that I really want. There are days when Chick Fil A comes in, and I rarely turn that down, and there days when I grab something out of the freezer because I didn’t prep anything. But I always bring breakfast with me. My breakfast is pretty much the same thing every day.

  • ¾ cup Cheerios Honey Nut Medley Crunch
  • 2 Jimmy Dean Heat & Serve Turkey Sausage Patties
  • 1 Weight Watchers String Cheese
  • 1 Fruit (usually a banana)
  • Diet Coke

Depending on the sausage – sometimes it’s patties, sometimes it’s links – and the fruit, this breakfast runs me 260-325 calories (8 WW SP). I eat it most weekdays because it’s simple, filling and doesn’t make me feel uncomfortably full. A lot of days, I spread the food out over a few hours because I get busy, or because I’m just not super hungry.

If I didn’t bring breakfast, I would be eating donuts at 200+ calories each, or 8 – 10 SP. Or maybe I would grab a kolache at 325 calories or 10 SP. I was also quite fond of McDonald’s Sausage & Biscuit, but it weighs in at a hefty 440 calories, or 17 SP. It isn’t that I never eat that stuff anymore, because let’s face it. Kolaches are their own food group here in the Great State of Texas. But I might have one every couple of months instead of every few days. I ate a donut a couple of weeks ago. It was good, and it satisfied the craving I had. But honestly, I’m ok with having those things every once in a while instead of all the time.

If you follow my Facebook page, you see the types of lunches I have. Most often I post salads, but there’s a lot of variety in them. I also enjoy lunches that include homemade soups, sandwiches, tacos, pasta … It’s all about moderation for me, and substitutions. For example, I may have a sandwich for lunch. Before I started losing weight, I would also have a pile of chips and maybe a cookie or something sweet to go with the sandwich. Now, however, I substitute Quaker Popped Rice crisps for the chips and fruit for the something sweet.

I never use the phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” because to me, well … it’s a lie. LOL There are a LOT of things that taste as good as skinny feels. It’s taken me almost six months to get to the point where having an order of waffle fries at Chick Fil A makes me feel a little off, so I don’t understand these people who are on WW for like, two weeks, and then claim that fast food makes them “sooo sick.” I had grilled nuggets and a medium order of waffle fries at Chick Fil A last night and the fries made me gassy, but they tasted amazing. Will I have them again? Probably. Do I want to go back to eating them a couple times a week? Nope. That gas was so painful, I sort of regretted the fries. These days when I want fries, I cook them in the air fryer instead of in a pan of oil. Little changes make big differences.

The biggest change I have noticed is this – I tend to make better choices when it comes to food. In the past, portion control was a foreign concept. Eating a salad instead of fries? Having the grilled chicken instead of fried? Crazy ideas to me, once upon a time. Now they’re just automatic. I mean … Who have I become?!? Weight Watchers ice cream bar instead of Blue Bell?!? Yeah, I do that now. Way more often than I ever though possible.

The most mind blowing thing for me is this: I haven’t given up. I haven’t thought, this is too hard; I can’t do it. I don’t think about stopping. I just keep going. Of course I get discouraged sometimes. Who wouldn’t, with more than 100 pounds to lose? I know it isn’t a race, but sometimes I see people who are losing weight faster than me and I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I wonder why they’ve lost 50 pounds since March and I’ve only lost 32 since January. Then I think of the quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I’ve seen it attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, and maybe he did say it, maybe he didn’t.

Regardless of who said it first, the saying rings true and gets right to the heart of my current situation. I recently printed it out and posted it on my cubicle wall because it speaks to me so deeply. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m doing well with my weight loss, and I’ve come a long way already. If I were to focus on other people’s progress, I would become discouraged and quit. I’ve come too far at this point to quit!

In June, I decided to try a different eating style on WW. I explained it here, so I won’t go in to detail about it now. I stuck with it for the entire month, and the results were astounding. I lost 7.4 pounds doing #sprenglestyle and I’m very happy with that. I ate almost all my weeklies every week and I lost more than I have in any other month except January when I first started. I’ll be sticking with it a while longer because I think it made a huge difference.

The other thing I did in June was to cut back drastically on sodas. This one has been really hard for me, because I was a Diet Coke and Diet Root Beer addict. I cut back to one Diet Coke in the morning (16 ounce bottle) and one diet root beer (12 ounce can) in the evening. Some days I have a second Diet Coke in the evening instead of the root beer, but I’m trying to stop that because it’s getting to the point where the caffeine keeps me awake at night. Some evenings I don’t have any kind of soda, but I will have a sparkling water for variety every once in a while. I saw big changes on the scale when I stopped drinking so many sodas. And it’s better for the bank account!

Again, for me, small changes make big differences. If you’re on the fence about starting a weight loss program, I encourage you to take the very first step. Do something small that will get you moving in the right direction, because all those small things add up eventually, and become big changes in your mood, your life and your journey.

In July, I want to focus on exercise. It’s going to be difficult, and it’s not the first time I said that, but … I really need to focus on this part of my journey. I’m losing weight, but I don’t feel like I’m losing the inches I need to lose. It’s time to get serious about it and stop screwing around.

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